Country Experience



New Era's directors and operators have broad global operational geophysics experience in over 17 countries. New Era has conducted magnetic surveys in Lethoto, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, and Afghanistan. New Era has also conducted IP surveys in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zimbabwe, as well as a gravity survey and DGPS topography survey in Afghanistan. New Era has also conducted a GPR survey in Zimbabwe.



New Era Geophysics has carried out various ground magnetic and gravity surveys in Afghanistan.  The obvious security risk alone requires constant vigilance and long working hours to get the job done as quickly as possible.  Accommodation is usually within high security field camps with helicopter support. The country is one of extremes, with altitudes varying from 258m to 7,492m, making walking and physical exercise strenuous. Temperatures also vary considerably from 50ºC to -52ºC, making the going even tougher. 


New Era Geophysics has carried out numerous ground magnetic surveys for various commodities as well as IP/Resistivity surveys, and a ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey in Zimbabwe. Other than thick bush, operating in Zimbabwe is relatively easy due to its excellent infrastructure, and good climate. Being locally based New Era Geophysics is particularly comfortable and self-sufficient in this beautiful and safe country.    


New Era Geophysics has carried out ground magnetic surveys in Lesotho around a very steep kimberlite crater rim. The Lesotho Highlands are extremely rugged and reach altitudes of 3,482m, making walking and physical exercise arduous. Temperatures here also vary from 30ºC to -20ºC. 

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


New Era Geophysics cut its teeth in the DRC, successfully carrying out numerous ground magnetics surveys for kimberlites, and more recently IP surveys for strata-bound copper. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has very poor infrastructure, so most surveys are carried out from remote, poorly equipped field camps. Although the security threat in this country can be high in some areas, one also has to be very aware of the local surroundings and customs. Language can also be a barrier, and a working knowledge of French is essential. The tropical jungle environment, the high heat and humidity, and the constant threat of disease can make working in this country an unpleasant experience.